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Friday, February 28, 2003

--Biggie’s mom was on Wendy William’s show last week and voiced her distaste for Lil’ Kim. She referred to how Kim says she loves Big but continues to say negative things about him, including that he abused her. Kim also said that Big once pulled a gun on her, to which Voletta commented that he should have used it. Whoa!...
Trick Daddy Hit With Assault Charges

--Maurice "Trick Daddy" Young, is facing assault charges after he allegedly flashed a gun and threatened to kill a man during a dispute following a basketball game Feb. 3.

--Witnesses said that Trick Daddy was playing basketball with friends when he got into an unknown dispute with Pernell Paige, 27. Trick Daddy left the court and returned with with a firearm and threatened Paige.

--Trick Daddy surrendered early Wednesday (Feb. 26) and was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

--Trick was released late Wednesday after posting $22,500 bond, Miami-Dade County Jail officials said. He faces a maximum 35 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

Keith Murray In Serious Car Accident

--According to a report on MTV, Keith Murray was involved in a major car accident early Thursday morning in Durham, North Carolina. The luxury van carrying Murray, his entourage and his group, Legions of Doom, hit a highway railing, flipped over twice and slammed into six cars that were already piled up from a separate crash. What caused the driver to lose control of the van is not yet clear.

--There were no serious injuries, but, according to Murray's reps, the MC and everyone else in the van were taken to a hospital and will undergo further tests.

--After appearing on MTV's "Direct Effect" Wednesday afternoon, Murray and company hit the road and had been driving all night to North Carolina to promote his upcoming album, 'He's Keith Murray', due out on April 22. Last week, Murray and his wife celebrated the birth of their daughter

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Jurassic 5 Hit Up Europe

--As Jurassic 5 continue to move forward with success in 2003, the group is gearing up for some shows in Europe. J5 will head overseas next month to hit up the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Sweden and Ireland to share their old school retro hip-hop. Here's the current itinerary:

03/02/03 Bristol, UK Bristol Academy
03/03/03 Birmingham, UK Birmingham Academy
03/05/03 Glasgow, UK Barrowland
03/06/03 Leeds, UK Leeds University
03/07/03 Birmingham, UK Birmingham Academy
03/09/03 Hamburg, GER Schlachthof
03/10/03 Munich, GER Georg Elser Halle
03/11/03 Berlin, GER Maria Am Ostbahnhof
03/12/03 Brussels, BEL VK Club
03/14/03 Amsterdam, NET Paradiso
03/15/03 Utrecht, NET Tivoli
03/16/03 Paris, FRA Elysee Montmarte
03/18/03 Zurich, SWI X-Tra Limmathaus
03/20/03 Heidelberg, GER Karlstorbahnhof
03/22/03 London, UK Brixton Academy
03/23/03 London, UK Brixton Academy
03/25/03 Belfast, UK Mandela Hall
03/26/03 Dublin, IRE The Pod / Red Box

Violator Management Hire Armed Guards After Busta Shooting

--Within the past couple of months, the offices of Violator Management has experienced two incidents of violence and are taking the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of their staff and clients when they come by the offices. Last Friday, Busta Rhymes' empty SUV was shot up as it sat parked in front of the offices on W. 25th St in Manhattan New York and on January 16, a lone gunman opened fired at the reception area in the building. Although no one was injured in either incident, Violator CEO, Chris Lighty is hiring armed guards.

--"Busta Rhymes is one of the nicest guys in the business," Chris Lighty told the New York Daily News. "We don't know why someone shot at his car. I had to hire armed security because we have men and women working here we are concerned about and want to protect. "

--Besides Busta Rhymes, other Violator clients include 50 Cent, Missy Elliot, Capone N Noreaga and others.

Suge Knight Gets Released

--After spending the past two months locked down, Suge Knight finally won his freedom Tuesday night (2/25) after the State Board of Prisons gave him credit for 61 days in custody. On condition of his release, Suge was ordered to perform 200 hours of anti-gang community service.

--"(Knight) and I were both very pleased with the result," defense attorney David Chesnoff told Reuters. "We appreciate the fairness of the proceedings. I'm just sorry he had to be in custody for two months but happy he's going back to work."

--Suge was arrested on Christmas Eve after allegedly violating his parole by associating with gang members, failing to inform officials that he had moved to Malibu and by hiring drivers and bodyguards who had not been investigated by the proper authorities.

Cam'ron And The Diplomats Involved In Shooting

According to SOHH.com sources, Cam'ron and The Diplomats were involved in a highway shooting in Boston early this morning while on the way to their next tour stop to promote their upcoming album Diplomatic Immunity. State police have confirmed that the gunfire came from the tourbus and was aimed at drivers in vehicles headed south on Route 128 at about 2:45am.

According to Lt. Paul Maloney, spokeman for the Mass. State Police, the tour bus, as well as an accompanying 2003 Ford Excursion, were traveling south towards I-95, when both vehicles were stopped by State Police. Two passengers along with three handgun were found in the Ford Excursion. Both passengers were arrested and charged with handgun violations.

The victum was able to identify the shooter, who was a passenger on the bus, as well as another individual who provided the weapon. These two people were also arrested and charged with assault, intent to murder and firearm violations.

No motive has been revealed for the shooting however, Lt. Maloney makes it clear "...as best we know the shots were fired from the bus at the car..." as he wanted to clear up false reports that the car was shooting at the bus. He identifed the individuals arrested as identified as Orland Young (Bronx, NY), Puri Pegue (Richmond, VA), Keith Blacknail (New York City, NY) and Monique Garnett (Sharon Hills, PA). None of these names match the members of The Diplomats which consist of Jimmy Jones (Joseph Jones), Julez Santana (LaRon James) and Freaky Zekey.

Cam'ron was on the bus but was not charged.

Tame One releasing solo debut in March
--While former Artifacts partner El Da Sensei released one of 2002's most underrated albums, 'notty headed' Tame One has been preparin' the release of his debut album "When rappers attack", which is currently scheduled for a March 25th release on Eastern Conference Records. The production on this album will be handled by J-Zone, Mighty Mi, RJD2, Camu Tao, DJ Porno and Johnny Dangerous. With the exception of some guest vocals from label mate Cage on "Leak smoke", all lyrics on the album will come strictly from Tame One himself. Check out the tracklisting below for all the details...

[01] When rappers attack - produced by Camu Tao
[02] Heat - produced by J-Zone
[03] Act right - produced by Camu Tao
[04] Tame as it ever was - produced by J-Zone
[05] Slick talkin' - produced by J-Zone
[06] Up to no good again - produced by RJD2 [07] Leak smoke (featuring Cage) - produced by Mighty Mi
[08] 8) Dreamz - produced by Reef
[09] 9) Concerto - produced by Johnny Danegerous
[10] Moment I feared - produced by Mighty Mi
[11] Iz It Me - produced by Johnny Dangerous
[12] Homage to the bomberz - produced by DJ Porno

Tid Bits of Hip Hop News!

Foreign Legion member Prozack working with Pete Rock & Jay Dee for solo album

--More news on the upcoming solo album from Foreign Legion's Prozack, which will be released within a couple of months on Dreamworks Records. In addition to the details we recently posted about the album we now have the full producers line-up and a nice audio sample of a track produced by the legendary Pete Rock. Prozack Turner's album will feature production work from Pete Rock, Jay Dee, The Alchemist, Organized Noize, Jake One, Paul Nice, DJ Design, Supa Dave West and Gennessee.

Inebriated recording new material with O.C., KRS-ONE & A.G.

--Let's start this extra update with the latest details on Inebriated Rhythm / Grit Records and some of the projects that they'll be releasin' in 2003. With Soul Supreme's album "The saturday nite agenda" about to drop it's good to focus on the next few things to come. Shortly after the release of "TSNA" you can expect the final single off the album which will contain "Hardcore sh*t" (featuring Planet Asia, Rasco and An Ion) and "All in together" (featuring L Da Head Toucha) plus a non-album track that they still need to decide on. Should be droppin' somewhere in April.

--O.C.'s already ten tracks deep into his album and the label plans to have him in the studio full time next month to have the album out by late June. No title has been determined for his project yet, but we do have some additional info regarding the album. According to the label the album "has a heavy soul influence" and is largely produced by Soul Supreme with some contrasting bangers by Vangaurd. The label will also put out a Spilled Acid remix version of the entire album, which will be put out as a special bonus disc for the fans at a later date. Production on that project will come from Insight.

--Blastmaster KRS-One already recorded seven tracks for his "Phonetics" album (which will be put out in September) and new material's bein' revised and recorded constantly. Tracks will be produced by Pete Rock, Soul Supreme, Insight and Vangaurd. The label also reached out to Large Professor who might do some production work and a guest appearance on the album. According to the label "KRS-One's new album will be a collage of raw rhymes and thought provoking subject matter". A single should be expected as soon as May and this will feature O.C. and Shuman. Speaking of Shuman, as said before KRS has been impressed by Shuman and he asked him to make an appearance on his album after rippin' up "The message 2002". Shuman's also workin' on a solo single for Grit Records which will contain tracks produced by Kenny Parker and Vangaurd.

--The label's also in talks with A.G. about a full length album for which he already has the tracks (mostly produced by Soul Supreme and Vangaurd).

Battle Axe schedules new releases for 2003

--Canadian label Battle Axe Records again has got some interesting projects on schedule this year. Check out the release schedule below for all the albums to label (hopefully) will have to offer in 2003...

· [March] Various Artists - "Battleaxe Warriors III"
· [April] Swollen Members - "Monsters in the closet (instrumentals)"
· [May] Rob The Viking - "Beats to pillage and conquer by"
· [May] Son Doobie - "The funk superhero"
· [June] Moka Only - "Low down suite"
· [Summer] Swollen Members - "Bad dreams (instrumentals)"
· [Fall] Sweatshop Union - "Untitled"
· [Fall] Buc Fifty & The Alchemist - "Untitled"
· [Fall] Mr. Brady - "Dirty"

Tonedeff pushing album back further - now scheduled for May

--Tonedeff's upcoming full length "Archetype" has been pushed back slightly and will now be released on May 27th through QN5 Music / Boiling Point Distribution. I know we posted the tracklisting before, but this time we have the official tracklisting with production credits, so check it out below for all the details...

[01] Overture
[02] Archetype
[03] Masochist
[04] Heads up (produced by Domingo)
[05] Disappointed (produced by Versifier)
[06] Porcelain
[07] Issawn (produced by Elite)
[08] Quotables (featuring Extended Famm, Wordsworth, Supastition & Rise)
[09] Loyal (produced by Domingo)
[10] Give a damn
[11] Politics
[12] Hypocrite (featuring Deacon The Villain) (Produced by Domingo)
[13] Pervert (produced by E-L)
[14] Children
[15] Heavyweight
[16] Gathered

Beatnuts assist Willie Stubz on debut LP

--You might know Willie Stubz from his appearances on the Beatnuts LP's "A musical massacre" and "Take it or squeeze it" or from one of the singles he dropped over the years, but if you're not familiar with this emcee from Corona, Queens yet he will (further) introduce himself on his upcoming debut album "The industry", which is currently scheduled for a release on February 22nd through SPKilla Muzik, Inc. Production on the album comes from Roomlab Beats (S.P.K., Kevin Kyze & Ric Rude) and The Beatnuts (on two tracks). Check out the tracklisting below for more details:

[01] Intro
[02] Come wit me
[03] Welcome 2 da ghetto (featuring Final Chapter)
[04] QU-EE-NS (featuring Capone & Nature)
[05] Keep it poppin'
[06] In these streets (featuring Marly Gats & Johnny Blanco)
[07] Anything
[08] I remember them days (featuring Complexions)
[09] Get it 2 U
[10] The industry (featuring N.O.R.E. & Musaliny)
[11] Stubz has returned again
[12] Verbal attack *
[13] After the show (featuring Greg Nice)
[14] Getchu hye *
[15] Make it happen (featuring Al Ferguson & Kruk)
[16] My destiny
[17] Blaze dat
[18] Can't fade us (featuring Al Ferguson & K-Rime)
[19] Keep it gangsta (featuring Gold, Troy Outlaw & Musaliny-N-Maze)
[20] Outro

* produced by The Beatnuts
(boombap hip hop)

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2003: 18th to 25th of May


--Peace and much love. On May 18th - 25th 2003, true Hiphoppas from all over the world will come together in celebration of the 6th Annual Hiphop Appreciation Week: A time set aside for all true Hiphoppas to appreciate Hip Hop and its contributions to world culture, business, education, art, science and of course, music! This year's theme is Responsibility. Hiphoppas are encouraged to reflect upon their productive roles and responsibilities toward themselves, their families, their communities and their world.

--Anyone with pure intentions and a true love for Hiphop Kulture can participate in the 6th Annual Hiphop Appreciation Week, May 18th- 25th 2003. All that is required of you is to recognize Hiphop as a legitimate international culture for peace and prosperity. Such recognition is expressed and established in a variety of ways. A few suggestions are as follows:

--First: Talk with your children about Hiphop as a culture that unites a wide section of people toward peace and prosperity. Let your children know that they do not have to be a criminal to participate in Hiphop Kulture. Let them know that Hiphop is all about peace, love, unity and having fun.

--Second: Hiphop Appreciation Week is an international cultural celebration that elevates Hiphop Kulture beyond presenting itself exclusively as entertainment. In reality, Hiphop is a community of responsible adults. During the 6th Annual Hiphop Appreciation Week, May 18th-25th 2003, let us present the more mature and culturally accurate aspects of Hiphop Kulture to the world. Let us stop treating Hiphop Kulture as a thing to sell. Hiphop is not a product-it is a way of life! It is a community of real people! It is a movement! Rap is something we do, Hiphop is something we live!

--Third: Familiarize yourself and others with the Hiphop Declaration of Peace. This document, presented to the United Nations on May 16th 2001, legally establishes Hiphop Kulture as an international community of peace and prosperity. Such a document protects Hiphop Kulture from self-destruction and corporate mishandling. For a copy of the Hiphop Declaration of Peace you can visit templeofhiphop.org.

--The 6th Annual Hiphop Appreciation Week, May 18th-25th 2003, is a time for reflection, maturity and Hiphop cultural unity. Do not sit around wondering what you can do. Now is the time to act! Visit templeofhiphop.org for updates, events, and guidance. And remember, you are not just doing Hiphop, you are Hiphop!

Drum And Knowlege: production album to come out
--The production team called Drum And Knowledge will be releasing a production album. And the line up of the guest emcees will have everyone raise the interested eyebrow, because you can expect the following to drop a verse or two: Jean Grae, Poisen Pen, C-Rayz Walz, Icon The Mic King, Pumpkinhead, Pack FM, Session, Substantial, Tonedeff, Illogic, Blueprint, Aesop Rock, Masai Bey, BMS, Creepaziods, Kwote, MF Doom, Monster Island Czars, Cannibal Ox, Conor, Eternal, Nobs, 6th Sense, Uncle T, Digs Darklighter, Nomi, Advizer, Crsecent Moon, Supasitution, Wind-N-Breeze, Crpytic One and last but not least Slug. No date yet set for the release of this sure to be dope record. (Urbansmarts.com)

Ladybug Mecca: new album coming in 2003

--Everyone must remember the Digable Planets, the group of two guys and one gal, that won a Grammy with "Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like That)" back in 1993 (and the album "Reachin' (A New Refutation Of Time And Space)" went platinum without the slightest jiggy or bling bling moment).

--That Ladybug Mecca is now in the studio again, to record music for her album, that's due in the fall of 2003, and will be called "Rebirth Of Mec" on Nu-Paradigm Entertainment. You can expect her to bare her soul with thoughtful words and an ecclectic mixture of music, ranging from Afro Brazillian rhythms to fierce rock, blue not be bop jazz and straight up hip hop. The set features Hitman of the Aftermath camp on the track "Hit & Mec", as well as the producers Shane Conry, Israel, Sa-Ra and Martin Luther from the San Francisco-based Good Vibes.

Cypress Hll Pay Tribute To Peter Tosh

--Cypress Hill will take part in a new tribute album to Peter Tosh. Tosh was a founding member of The Wailers, which included Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer.

--Tosh left the group in 1973 for a solo career. He was shot to death in his Jamaica home in 1987.

--Cypress Hill will re-work Tosh's "Legalize It," one of Tosh's best known songs about legalizing marijuana.

--Eric Clapton and Jerry Garcia's earlier covers of Peter Tosh songs will also be featured on the album, which is being produced by Dave and Andrew Tosh, two of the late singers sons.

Riot Shuts Down MTV Rap Contest

--MTV made an open national call for aspiring rappers to come to their New York City studios for a high stakes emcee contest. But they weren't prepared for the turnout yesterday and were forced to shutdown the contest after a riot ensued.

--Thousands of wannabee emcees jammed the streets and sidewalks near MTV's studios on 44th and Broadway for a shot at a Def Jam record deal and $25,000 cash prize. The contest, announced on MTV over the past weeks, instructed emcees to call a hotline for details which included explicit instructions against "camping." However, despite the warning, almost 2,000 aspiring artist of all races from as far away as Alaska began lining up the night before bundled in heavy coats and blankets, smoking weed, drinking liquor and rhyming in "ciphers."

--According to aspiring artist VVS of New Jersey's RNN Entertainment chaos ensued when daylight broke and MTV officials failed to communicate with the crowd. "They just came around with clipboards and picked a few people out the crowd... They weren't telling people what was going on." Frustrated, tired and cold, the crowd began to get rowdy, yelling and pushing one another.

--Elsewhere in the mass, witnesses say an emcee battle went awry when one emcee got disrespected and pulled out his gun. "People started screaming and running full force into the barracade. People getting stomped on...it was crazy."

--The police called in reinforcements to control the mob scene and closed off the entire block telling contestants to leave as the contest was cancelled. This further incensed the crowd that then began to throw garbage and yell angrily at the police. Some rushed the MTV building and were later carried off by the police. "The cops was kicking ni99as asses, spraying them with pepper spray and beating them with nightsticks," VVS continued.

--MTV has made no announcement as to whether the contest will continue at another date or if it's officially cancelled.

The Source Promises To Change Its Ways

"We realize we've been a part of the problem... and we're ready to take our responsibility seriously." That's what Dave Mays, founder and publisher of The Source Magazine told a room full of industry heavyweights and media during yesterday's "State of Emergency" press conference.

The conference, held at New York's Millennium Hotel, was called by The Source to discuss a multitude of issues that have plagued the Hip-Hop community, from police and federal targeting of artists to Bill O'Reilly and the media. In attendance were local leaders in the Hip-Hop business including Roc-a-fella CEO Damon Dash, Jermaine Dupri, Irv Gotti, Ruff Ryders CEO Darrin Dean and Shakim Compere, CEO of Flava Unit Management.

The Source contends that Jermaine Dupri's recent audit by the IRS and the raid of Murder Inc's office by the feds represent a deliberate and systematic attack on Hip-Hop culture and its leaders. Fox News's Bill O'Reilly (Hip-Hop's new nemesis post C. Dolores Tucker) was also blasted for his repeated attacks on Hip-Hop artists. Mays, who recently sparred with O'Reilly on his primetime conservative show The O'Reilly Factor, reiterated his position that the show was being used as a platform to "alienate white middle America."

Though no specific resolutions or plans were made with regard to addressing the problems highlighted, David Mays promised future conferences and a change at The Source Magazine to a more responsible, conscious publication. Says Mays "We need to take a moment and look around at what's happening to our culture...or it can be taken from us."

Tid Bits of HIp Hop News

--Juvenile pleaded guilty on Friday to charges of aggravated battery, battery on a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence and was sentenced to 75 hours of community service. The charges stemmed from an incident which occurred in March 2001 when the rapper was arrested for knocking a man unconscious with a champagne bottle and grabbing a police officer outside a Miami comedy club.

Irv Gotti's Brother Shot

--NEW YORK — Irv Gotti's brother and president of Murder Inc. Records, Chris Gotti, was shot in the leg Monday night outside the offices of Def Jam Records, according to police.

--Gotti, whose real last name is Lorenzo, was wounded by an unknown assailant around 8:30 p.m. and rushed to Bellevue Hospital. He was treated in the emergency room and released.

--A spokesperson for Murder Inc. declined to comment. Police said there are no suspects but that incident is under investigation.

--Eminem's latest solo album, 'The Eminem Show' won the Grammy for best rap album at the awards at Madison Square Garden. His Video clip for the albums lead single, 'Without Me,' also won for best video. Towards the end of the show, Em got the crowd into a small frenzy when he performed "Lose Yourself," - the track that was stuck atop of the US singles chart for many weeks on end. He performed the track with D12 member Proof and the Roots playing live instruments. Eminem took time in his best rap album acceptance speech to give props to those who paved the way for his successes. "I made me a little list of MCs that I wanted to name off that inspired me to, to bring me where I am today - cause honestly, I wouldn't be here without them" Eminem said. "So the list goes like this, and it's not in this order, but the list is this: Run-DMC, the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Kool G. Rap, Master Ace, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Dr. Dre, all of N.W.A., KRS-One, Treach from Naughty By Nature, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z. Thank you, 'cause I learned from all of you. Thank you."
(Hip Hop News)

Monday, February 24, 2003

Eminem, Nelly, Outkast & Killer Mike Win Grammy's

After being absent from New York for four years, The 45th annual Grammy's show stealing moments went to Norah Jones, not the many rappers that were nominated for awards.

Norah Jones, daughter of famed musician Ravi Shankar, took home seven awards, topping Eminem and Ashanti for Best Album Of The Year. Jones made history by tying Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys for the most wins by a female artist.

Busta Rhymes, P.Diddy, Cam'ron, Fat Joe, Missy Elliot, Nas, Nelly, a scantily clad Foxy Brown and others were present, while Queen Latifah co-hosted the awards.

Eminem walked away with two Grammy awards. His The Eminem Show won for Best Rap Album, while his "Without Me," took the award for best Short Form Music Video.

“Instead of me coming out here and thanking the people thanking the people I usually thank, because all those people that had something to do with my album know who they are, I made me a little list of emcees that I wanted to name off that inspired me to bring me where I am today,” Eminem said. “Honestly, I wouldn’t be here with out them."

The rapper went on to name Master Ace, Run DMC, The Beastie Boys, Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Kool G Rap and other rappers that influenced his career choice.

Missy Elliot scored Grammy gold for Best Female Rap Solo Performance for "Scream a.k.a. Itchin'," Nelly snagged two for Best Male Rap Solo Performance for "Hot in Herre" and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: "Dilemma," Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland.

Outkast and Killer Mike won a surprise victory for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for "The Whole World."

While 50 Cent wasn't at the Grammy's, he was represented by a most odd choice. “50 Cent wanted to be here but they kept running him through the metal detectors because of all that lead is his ass,” comedian and actor Robin Williams joked.

Here is a complete list of hip-hop and R&B winners:

Rap Album: ‘‘The Eminem Show,’’ Eminem.

Compilation Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media: ‘‘Standing in the Shadows of Motown,’’ Various Artists.

Reggae Album: ‘‘Jamaican E.T.,’’ Lee ‘‘Scratch’’ Perry.

Spoken Word Album: ‘‘A Song Flung up to Heaven (Maya Angelou),’’ Maya Angelou.

Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package: ‘‘Screamin’ and Hollerin’ The Blues: The Worlds of Charley Patton,’’ Susan Archie, art director (Charley Patton).

Historical Album: ‘‘Screamin’ and Hollerin’ The Blues: The Worlds of Charley Patton,’’ Charley Patton.

Producer of the Year, Non-Classical: Arif Mardin.

Short Form Music Video: ‘‘Without Me,’’ Eminem.

Traditional Soul Gospel Album: ‘‘Higher Ground,’’ The Blind Boys of Alabama.

Contemporary Soul Gospel Album: ‘‘Sidebars,’’ Eartha.

Traditional Blues Album: ‘‘A Christmas Celebration of Hope,’’ B.B. King.

Contemporary Blues Album: ‘‘Don’t Give up on Me,’’ Solomon Burke.

Jazz Instrumental Solo: ‘‘My Ship,’’ Herbie Hancock.

Jazz Instrumental Album, Individual or Group: ‘‘Directions in Music,’’ Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker and Roy Hargrove.

Large Jazz Ensemble Album: ‘‘What Goes Around,’’ Dave Holland Big Band.

Latin Jazz Album: ‘‘The Gathering,’’ Caribbean Jazz Project.

Female R&B Performance: ‘‘He Think I Don’t Know,’’ Mary J. Blige.

Male R&B Performance: ‘‘U Don’t Have to Call,’’ Usher.

R&B Performance by a Duo or Group: ‘‘Love’s in Need of Love Today,’’ Stevie Wonder and Take Six.

Traditional R&B Vocal Performance: ‘‘What’s Going On,’’ Chaka Khan & The Funk Brothers.

Urban/Alternative Performance: ‘‘Little Things,’’ India.Arie.

R&B Song: ‘‘Love of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop),’’ Erykah Badu, Robert Ozuna, James Poyser, Raphael Saadiq & Glen Standridge (Erykah Badu featuring Common).

R&B Album: ‘‘Voyage To India,’’ India.Arie.

Contemporary R&B Album: ‘‘Ashanti,’’ Ashanti.

Pop Instrumental Performance: ‘‘Auld Lang Syne,’’ B.B. King.

Pop Instrumental Album: ‘‘Just Chillin’,’’ Norman Brown.

Female Rap Solo Performance: ‘‘Scream a.k.a. Itchin’,’’ Missy Elliott.

Male Rap Solo Performance: ‘‘Hot in Herre,’’ Nelly.

Rap Performance by a Duo or Group: ‘‘The Whole World,’’ OutKast featuring Killer Mike.

Rap/Sung Collaboration: ‘‘Dilemma,’’ Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland

Busta Rhymes' SUV Gets Shot Up

Does someone want Busta Rhymes dead? On Friday night (2/21), Busta's SUV was riddled with bullets as it sat parked outside the Violator Records/Management offices in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. According to the New York Daily News, Busta and a company executive went into the Violator offices at about 10pm, they came out eighteen minutes later and the vehicle was shot up on the passenger side, but no one was in the car. The NYPD was called and was told to treat the shooting like it was a homicide.

"Whoever did the shooting did it from far away and had no way of knowing there was no one in the truck," a police source told the NY Daily News. "No one could have survived if there was someone in the passenger seat."

Although Busta may have some people who don't like him all too much (Lord Have Mercy, Charlie Brown, etc), there is no evidence of anyone wanting him dead. Police say that the company exec that was with Busta may have been a target also. We'll keep you up to date on any developing details.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Was having some loading trouble with the last layout, but it is being worked on and we should be back up with a new looking in a few days! I'm sorry for the trouble and the news will still be updated daily! -Phantom-

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Tha Row Shoots First Video For 'DysFunKtional Family' Soundtrack

-- Kurupt, Crooked I, Virginya Slim, and members of Tha Row family convened in Los Angeles on Wednesday (February 19) to shoot the video for "Still Tha Row," the first single from the DysFunKtional Family soundtrack.

--DysFunKtional Family is the Miramax biopic of comedian Eddie Griffin's stand-up comedy tour, which will be released nationwide April 4. The soundtrack, which also features Jay-Z, Mack 10, Juvenile,Ashanti, and others, is due out March 25.

--Tha Row, formerly Death Row Records, was founded by Suge Knight and celebrated the 10th anniversary of its first release, Dr. Dres's The Chronic, last December.

The New No Limit Tours With 50 Cent
--The 504 Boyz will tour in support of their album, Ballers, which hit stores on Dec. 10. The 504 Boyz ever-changing line-up now includes Master P, Silkk The Shocker, Krazy, Magic, Choppa, T-Bo and Currency. They dropped the single "Tight Whips" last year.

--In addition to the 504 Boyz, the tour will also introduce audiences to Choppa as a solo artist. He will drop his solo set, Straight from the N.O., on March 4. Currently, the first single "Choppa Style" has broken through to the "106 & Park's" Top 10 most requested videos list.

--Choppa is also a budding thespian; he will appear with Master P and the 504 Boyz in "Hollywood Homicide," a movie that co-stars Harrison Ford. The film hits the big -screen June 12.

--50 Cent has fared well with his debut album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin', which spent its first two weeks of release at number one on the Billboard album chart. The opus has sold over 1.6 million copies to date since hitting stores on Feb. 6.

--Official Dates for the "Street Ballers" Tour":

February 22nd - Dallas, TX Dallas - Convention Center Arena

February 23rd - Houston, TX - Arena Theater

February 27th - Austin, TX - Austin Music Hall

February 28th - Jackson, MS - Canton Madison

March 1st - Tuskegee, AL - Tuskegee University

March 3rd - Corpus Christi, TX - Yellow Rose Convention Center

March 4th - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues

March 8th - Savannah, GA - Savannah Civic Center

March 9th - Charleston, SC - North Charleston Coliseum

A couple good articles!

Hip Hop Cops?
Is the NYPD at war with Hip Hop Artist?

50 Cents
Money to Burn!

Friday, February 21, 2003

Tid Bits of Hip Hop News

Daz Dillinger Droppin New Album March 4th
--Founding Tha Dogg Pound member Daz Dillinger, now known as DAZ, is preparing to release a brand-new CD titled "DPGC: U Know What I'm Throwin' Up!" on March 4. The CD will be distributed by Phoenix-based 101 Records. The new set is a follow-up to his 2002 CD, This Is The Life I Lead, released last June, also on his independently owned DPG Recordz.The title track features Snoop Dogg and Goldie Loc. Other album guests include Soopafly, E-White, Crystal, Shon-Don, and Bad Azz.
According to the rapper's DPGC Records website, the first 20,000 copies of the CD will include a DVD version with a 20-minute Daz interview, short videos, and other features. The first single will be "Dogg Catcha." Daz is also reportedly in talks to tour with hot rapper 50 Cent this summer. Fans can find more info at dpgrecordz.com.

504 Boyz, Choppa & Master P Tour Dates
--With the recent releases of 504 Boyz "Ballers" and the upcoming release of Choppa's new album "Straight From The N.O." on March 4th. No Limit is hitting the road doing shows to promote the albums. If you are in the following areas be sure to check them live.

2/22/03 - Dallas, TX (Convention Center)
2/23/03 - Houston, TX (Arena Theater)
2/27/03 - Austin, TX (Austin Music Hall)
2/28/03 - Jackson, MS (Canton Madison Multipurpose Center)
3/01/03 - Tuskegee, AL (Tuskegee University)
3/03/03 - Corpus Christi, TX (Yellow Rose)
3/04/03 - New Orleans, LA (House of Blues)
3/08/03 - Savannah, GA (Savannah Civic Center)
3/09/03 - Charleston, SC (North Charleston Coliseum)
3/21/03 - (appearance) Lake Havasu, AZ (Shooter)

--First came the Funkmaster Flex Celebrity Car Show, then Flex's own line of rims and driving shoes. Now, the New York DJ is bringing his car obsession to the small screen. This fall, TNN will be airing six episodes of the "Funkmaster Flex Show," a celebrity car show which will include segments on 50 Cent's 1969 Chevy Impala and Ja Rule's car collection. ... Beyoncé Knowles is currently recording in Miami and is "three-fourths done" with her debut solo album, according to her father/manager Mathew Knowles, who promised "very interesting collaborations." The album is due in mid-May, to be followed in July by the soundtrack to "The Fighting Temptations," which stars Beyoncé and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Hip Hop Film Fest to hit Red Vic March 13- 15

--The organizers of the Hip Hop Film Fest have preliminary announcements on a series of screenings coming to San Francisco March 13- 15th. The Red Vic Moviehouse on Haight Street will host screenings of films such as:

- "Street Legendz" featuring The Mystic Journeymen/ Living Legends Crew,
- "Word" with Dead Prez, Eminem, Capone etc,
- "Breath Control" featuring The Roots, Dougie Fresh & The Fat Boys etc.,
- "Keeping In Time" with Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow etc

more info & announcements concerning this event coming soon on hiphopfilmfest.com

new Brakmart mix CD

You can find out more about the record at the website: sureshots.brakmart.com. It's said to be a reflection of the tastes of the brakmart.com magazine. The tracklisting is:
02. KREATORS: Nightlife
04. SNOOP DOGG: The One and Only
07. PLANET ASIA: Pure Coke
09. NYG'Z: Strenght
10. GANGSTARR: Battle
11. LARGE PROFESSOR: Blaze Rhymez II
12. DYNAS: Spittin
13. AFU RA: Lyrical Monster
14. LADY OF RAGE: Unfucwitable
15. BEATNUTS: Buying Out the Bar
16. GANGSTARR: Skills
17. MOS DEF, DIVERSE & PREFUSE 73: Wylin Out RJD2 remix
18. RAS KASS: Goldyn Child
19. PHIL DA AGONY: Train Hard
20. PROFILE: Who's That
21. KRUMB SNATCHA: Strike Back - Closer to God Part II
22. NAS & NATURE: In To Deep
24. J.RAWLS feat J-LIVE: Great Live Caper

Tame One's debut solo album out in March

--The first Tame One solo album will drop March 25 on Eastern Conference Records and is called "When Rappers Attack". Beats will be done by Mighty Mi, J-Zone, Camu Tao, RJD2, Johnny Dangerous and DJ Porno. The album includes "Homage To The Bomberz", where Tame reps it for the graffiti writer, a tribute to Slick Rick "Moment I Feared", and "Leak Smoke" features Cage. Check www.tame-one.com and www.ecrecs.com for more information.


The L.O.X. Take Back the Streets

--The L.O.X. are back on the mixtape circuit with their latest single, "The Streets Is Back." Gearing up to release their highly anticipated, Live, Suffer, Celebrate, set for release this spring, Jadakiss explained how the group has matured since their last effort. "…[We've matured] on the business side…we learned how to handle budgets, and how to not go over the cap…we only need a couple of big named producers…you don't have to spend your money. We basically learned the stuff that nobody was gonna ever tell us a few years ago…"

--Although "The Streets Is Back" is in the same vein of the classic Ruff Ryder-street anthem sound, Jadakiss said that fans could also expect some different sounds on this project. "It's not the normal Ruff Ryder sound…it's mostly no-named new producers that we just pulled out of the gutter…"

--Live, Suffer, Celebrate will also feature production from Vinny, Divine, Salaam Remy and Trackmasters. The L.O.X. also inked a deal for their D-Block Records with Universal, last month.


Ice Cube Responds To Samuel L. Jackson

--Cube is taking it back to his roots and dissing cats on wax again. Cube really hasn’t had a beef since Common in 96. Things are a little different this time around though, he is dissing an actor. Namely, Samuel L. Jackson. Really an indication of how his career has changed, no? The song is called “Lights Out” and Cube also has some remarks for Jesse Jackson.

--The song appears as a Westside Connection track on the “Ghetto, Gutta, Gangsta” soundtrack. The only lines targeting Samuel state; “You can tell Samuel L. I’ma keep actin.” And he tells the Reverend Jesse Jackson, “You can even tell that muthafuckin’ Jesse Jackson/Pay your child support, keep your payments up, put a rubber on.”

--It was Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who heavily criticized Cube’s “Barbershop.” They were upset about jokes that were made in regard to Rosa Parks’ civil rights contributions. They went so far as to demand the scene be deleted.

DJ Hi-Tek Conducts Talent Search

--For those of you who got dropped from American Idol or dissed on Making the Band II, DJ Hi-Tek is giving you another chance. On March 1 in Cincinnati, Ohio's Cincinnati Convention Center DJ Hi-Tek will host a Midwest Talent Search that's open to singers and emcees throughout the Midwest.

--"I want to give back to these Midwest communities," said Hi-Tek in a statement. "And there are basically not a lot of good outlets for Midwestern talent."

--This will be the biggest talent search ever conducted in the Midwest region with the winner of the competition being given an opportunity to work one on one with DJ Hi-Tek in developing their own unique sound and produce a professionally recorded demo. Runners-up will be giving the opportunity for a full day's use of Tek's studio, Teklab Recording Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ras Kass Running From Police

--Maybe Ras was warning the police when he wrote “Won’t Catch Me Runnin’” back in 1995. Nevertheless, word is that one of hip-hop’s best lyricists is on the run from one time. Sources from his label (Priority) have confirmed that Ras Kass has fled to New York to avoid his arrest.

--The incident stems from Ras, real name John Austin III, being arrested for DUI for the third time. He was scheduled to appear in court on January 12th, 2003 where he would have likely received the mandatory 9 month sentence. Ras no-showed the hearing and left for NYC.

--Ras was scheduled to release his highly anticipated/delayed third album, “Goldyn Chyld.” His last album, “Van Gogh,” was never officially released after 2 years of delays. His upcoming album features production from Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, Hi-Tek and Scott Storch to name a few. Ras is best-known for his debut, “Soul on Ice,” regarded by many to be one of the most lyrically brilliant albums ever made. Stay up Ras.

Funkmaster Flex Show on TNN This Fall

--Who said that Funkmaster Flex was an authority on the car culture in hip-hop? Well apparently, TNN thinks and has announced that Flex will have his own show this fall. The Funkmaster Flex Show be a 'MTV Cribs Meets Cars' type of show where Flex takes test drives with the hottest celebs, artists and athletes in their hot rides. The series will also feature Flex visiting some of the best car shows across the nation and interviewing their owners and discussing the latest in car customization.

--Outside of the show, Flex has started his own car club, Team Baurtwell. The high-profile car club already has Shaquille O' Neal, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot as members. Flex also writes columns on cars in The Source and Mobile Entertainment Magazine. Check TNN listing for show times this fall.


Wednesday, February 19, 2003


--Although hip hop’s new king of the thrown 50 cent may ride around with more armor on his whip than the pope, and as an extra precaution wears a bulletproof vest. The only people that he fears are those who believe in him the most – his bosses, Eminem and Dr. Dre.

--While chilling in a Miami studio 50 was quoted as saying, “I fear not fitting in with Eminem and Dr. Dre. That’s what counts to me. That other stuff – the threat of violence has already been a part of my life, none of that is new. They signed me, so I’ll never be equivalent to Eminem or Dr. Dre. If Em says I’m the future of music, then what he’s saying is ‘he’s’ the future of music because he signed me.”

--As committed as 50 is to Shady/Aftermath, he has greater allegiance to the streets and the mixtape circuit. Working from the ground up is what made him. Last year, he created huge buzz for himself by incessantly releasing new songs, freestyles and his own G-Unit CDs and DJs’ mixtapes.

--“Right now, maybe not all over the world but in New York, he has the streets on fire, “Jay-Z said last year when asked whose music he was feeling.

Ghostface Working on New Album

--One of the Wu’s most beloved members, and one of it’s most consistent, made some noise last year when he signed a new deal with Def Jam. Ghostface has been quite since that time though and some feared that he was being lost in the shuffle, as so many others have been.

--Fear not, Big Face Ghost is hard at work on his new album, tentatively titled “Ghostface Presents: The Pretty Tony Album.” Production will include beats from Helium, Nottz, Erick Sermon and RZA. Ghostface offered this comment regarding his album, "...Maybe I can show the world what I've been wanting to show them all these years...and let them know this is hip-hop, this is real rap...lyrically and physically."

--Ghostface also has his own imprint under Def Jam, called Starks Enterprises. He plans on releasing both music and movies under the imprint, “I'm just…laying back playin' chess on the world and trying to figure out what our next move is…it's an entity of things, whatever we do is gonna be under that umbrella…we're just trying to step our game up.”

Keith Murray Doesn't Like Black History Month

--By Chuck 'Jigsaw' Creekmur, BET.Com Staff Writer

--Posted Feb. 19, 2003-- Def Jam rapper Keith Murray said that, while he values Black History, he is no fan of Black History Month.

--"Black History Months to me is a whole bunch of crock of bullsh*t," the rapper said to BET.com

--He insisted that the shortened month of February wasn't sufficient to educate about African American achievement, figures and past and it even reeked of racism itself.

--"It's the shortest month of the year. They are going to give us a month. All the bullsh*t prejudice sh*t they do and say 'here's a month,' that's a slap in the face," he continued.

--Despite he views on Black History Month, Murray said his focus is on his music and his Def Jam debut. After spending three years in jail, Keith Murray states he has refocused on his music and reprioritized on He's Keith Murray.

--Of the album's mood, he states, "I got all different types of moods, emotions. I got club jams, I got straight lyrical jams, I got jams talking about the hardships of my life and certain incidents and how I came up and how I came to be."

--His last CD, "It's A Beautiful Thing" was released in after he went to jail in 1998. He's Keith Murray drops on April 1 as the Just Blaze single "Yeah Yeah Ya Know it" is released to radio.

Sticky Fingaz Readies New Album

--After an unsuccessful reunion album with Oynx, Sticky Fingaz is gearing up to go solo once again. The new album, Decade (But Wait It Gets Worse) is due out on April 29 via D3 Entertainment with the first single "Can't Call It" hitting radio on April 8. The albums is produced by Sticky himself with contributions from Scott Storch, S-Man, Porky, Bird, DSP, and Goldstein. The album features guest appearances from Omar Epps, Myquan, EST, Fredro Starr and a host of others.

--In addition to the new album, Sticky will continue with his acting career as he will also star in the upcoming TV drama, Platinum on UPN. The story is based on two brothers who have created a successful hip-hop label in New York City. The continued progress of the label depends on these two brothers to have highly different ways of viewing the industry and running a business. The show will premiere on April 15 on UPN.

--Here's the track listing to Decade (But Wait It Gets Worse):

Let's Do It- feat. X-1, Colombo
What Chu Here For- feat. Omar Epps, Detroit Diamond, Rio
Can't Call It
Hot Now
I Love Da Streets- feat. Omar Epps
Bad Guy- feat. My Quan
Shot Up
Caught In Da Game
No More
Do Da Dam Thing- feat. EST, X-1
Another Night
I Don't Know- feat. Fredro Starr
Suicide Letter
Geneveese- feat. Geneveese, X-1
Get Smashed Up- feat. Lex & Thirty, Seven O.D.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

21 People Died in Chicago Hip Hop Club

"People just died in my arms..." - Tonita Matthews (E2 Stampede Survivor)

21 killed, uncounted number injured in a stampede at the "E-2" club, located in the entertainment district of south Chicago.

According to authorities the E2 was operating illegally on Monday,17 February, as1,500 patrons partied in the dance hall above the Epitome restaurant, when pepper spray was used by club security to break up a fight between two women.

The stampede occurred. When fumes overwhelmed patrons, caused a general panic as everyone all at once tried to escape and were crushed behind within a male-led bottle-kneck leading to blocked exit doors.

"The owner knows damn well that he was not to open that second floor and he has chosen to on at least one occasion, and that was last night," stated an angry Chicago Fire Commissioner James Joyce.

As injured and dead alike were removed to an on-scene medical triage center and morgue. Officials verified that a court order was issued in July to close the second-floor club due to 11 building code violations that included unlicensed, undisputed construction and problems with the stairway and exit signs.

"Criminal contempt charges will be brought against the owner as soon as Tuesday." stated Joyce. The building's owner and liquor license holder have been identified, but a third party may have rented the space forth at evening. All were unavailable for comment and locations unknown.

Police investigators are reviewing videotape from high-tech cameras inside the club in an attempt to uncover exactly what happened. Police records show 80 incident reports involving the club since 2000, mostly fighting and similar.

Friends and family combed area hospitals, and some were directed to the city's morgue. A memorial of flowers and written prayers has appeared next to the club. A memorial to the partygoers that ended up senseless victims....12 women....9 men....Our Hearts Go Out To Them....

Heads up to Chicago City Emergency services who were on-scene in a heartbeat and handled the situation with professionalism and care.

Tid Bits of Hip Hop News

Mobb Deep Signs w/ Jive

--After being 'labeless' for several months it looks like Mobb Deep has landed on its feet with a phat deal with Jive Records. They are supposed to be doing a 50/50 split with the label and get 10 million dollars for signing. They will be joining the ranks of E-40, Too Short, N'sync and Britney Spears. No word as to whether or not we'll see a Mobb Deep/Britney collabo.. but bare in mind, Spears says she will be using a lot more Hip Hop in her next album.

Eminem to Perform w/ Roots

--Eminem who is continue to grow larger and larger with each passing day will be performing at the Oscars. For those who don't know his song 'Lose Yourself' got nominated. Backing Eminem up will be The Roots now that should be off the hook...

Chuck D's Making Moves

--Look out for Chuck D as he continues to make moves as well.. He will be honored at the 10th Annual Rock The Vote Patrick Lippert Awards in New York on February 22nd. This awards benefit honors recording artists who help create political and social change. Chuck D. is being presented with the prestigious 2003 Rock The Nation Award. The voice of Public Enemy is being feted for his contributions to community organizations and his work with Rock The Vote, the National Urban League, and the National Alliance Of African-American Athletes, among others.

--Also look out for Chuck D tonite [Feb 18th] as he touches down with dead prez, Afrika Bambaattaa, Bob Law and a host of community leaders at Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem for the Turn Off The Radio rally...

University Wants Turntablism Class

--Who would've thought Hip Hop could come this far? As you know Hip Hop history and culture is being taught in Universities throughout the country... Now the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston is set to take up a notch. They are considering incorporating turntablism into its curriculum.

--Stephen Webber, a professor of music production and engineering and author seeks to bring the art of spinning and scratching to the school. A year earlier, his proposal was rejected The school cited financial reasons as the main reason for the decision. Webber, who has written Turntable Technique: The Art of the D.J., feels Berklee is the right place for turntable techniques to be taught. In fact, his book was published by Berkleee press and went on to become a best seller. Now college officials are reconsidering Webber's bid.

Eve Enters Into Distribution Deal For Clothing Line

--Eve has entered into a distribution deal with Innovo Azteca Apparel, who will design, market and distribute the rapper's Fetish clothing line.

--The Fetish brand will be marketed to the junior and contemporary women's market through better department and specialty stores.

--"Eve has become an influential fashion force, and we are excited to collaborate with her to transform her fashion dreams into a fashion reality. In recent years, the urban fashion lines have grown into a major component of the retail marketplace with retailers understanding that urban brands will play a very important role in their future success," said Jay Furrow, CEO of Innovo Group Inc.

--"From what we have noted, the marketplace has been waiting with great anticipation for Eve to launch the Fetish brand. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Eve in developing the brand and hope to quickly fill the already existing demand for Fetish and establish it as a premier fashion brand for years to come."

Russell Simmons, Mos Def Speak Out Against War In New Ads

--Two of hip-hop's most socially conscious players, Russell Simmons and Mos Def, are stepping into the spotlight and speaking out against war in their own respective television ads — both of which debut on Friday (February 14).

--In the ad that features Simmons, graphic battle scenes and images of maimed children and dead bodies accompany his words. The music mogul insists tougher United Nations inspections can disarm Iraq, contests President Bush's claims that war is urgent, and reminds youths, "It's the old who get us into war; it's the young who end up in body bags."

--Mos Def's spot opens with the rapper holding a red pen in front of his face and saying, "The pen is mightier than the sword." Mos Def then withdraws from the pen a scroll that features a graph of government spending. The column marked "Pentagon" towers high above those marked "children's health," "K-12 education," "reduced reliance on oil," "Head Start" and "world hunger." "I think we've got better things to fight for," he says before encouraging citizens to write to Congress in protest of the looming war with Iraq.

--The television ads are the latest in a series of anti-war spots sponsored by True Majority, an organization started by Ben & Jerry's ice cream founder Ben Cohen. The commercials can be seen on True Majority's Web site (www.truemajority.com), along with earlier ads done by actresses Susan Sarandon, Janeane Garofalo, Tyne Daly and Amy Brenneman.

--The two 30-second commercials will run for one week on systems that carry MTV and BET in New York and Los Angeles.

This report is provided by MTV News

Jurassic 5 Want To Be More Than Friends With R&B Radio

--After crossing over to modern rock radio with Power in Numbers' first single, "What's Golden," Jurassic 5 are eyeing R&B.

--The Los Angeles hip-hop group is releasing a remix of "Thin Line" featuring Mya as the second single from its

--Second major-label release. Nelly Furtado sings on the album version, but not on the remix.

--"That track is basically about when you have a relationship with a friend that's of the opposite sex that you could cross that line with, that sexual line, but you respect the relationship so much that you never do," rapper Chali 2na explained. "I think all of us have that kind of friend or have went through that at some point."

--2na said they're going to test the remix at radio before shooting a video.

--In the meantime, Jurassic 5 plan to continue touring, first with a U.K. outing in March, and later on Lollapalooza with Jane's Addiction, Audioslave, Incubus, Queens of the Stone Age and others.

--Jurassic 5 will carry the torch passed by Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill and Beastie Boys as one of the few hip-hop acts on a primarily rock bill. Fortunately, with Warped Tour experience behind them, they are prepared.

--"We just try to entertain," 2na said nonchalantly. "Hopefully we catch you with more than just audio. We're trying to catch all five of your senses."

This report is provided by MTV News

Skillz Album Pushed Back to Late Spring

--For fans that have been waiting for Skillz Rawkus Records debut album, I Ain't Mad No More since last summer, may have to wait a couple of more months. The initial release date was September 10, and then pushed back to November then February, but it looks like we'll have to wait until late spring.

--"Ya know, [as far as when the albums coming out] that's on Rawkus. The album's been done," Skillz told SOHH.com. "Look for it to drop maybe in April or May. There maybe a DVD with it for the fans who waited so long."

--Currently, you can see Skillz on tour with The Roots as he comes in during the band's intermission to do his own set. Expect to hear classic Skillz joints like "Nod Factor", "Lick The Balls", "2002 Wrap-Up", "The Sickest Freestyle" and fans can finally hear the names mentioned in the song "Ghostwriter".

"That's an added bonus," Skillz says of finally calling out names in the song. "This way, it encourages fans to come out to the show to see who I'm talking about."

--The album, I Ain't Mad No More, features guest appearances from Cee-Lo, Musiq, The Neptunes, Missy Elliott, Kandi Burruss (formerly of Xscape), Pretty Willie, Pretty Ugly and Danja Mowf.

The Roots Tear the Roof Off of Denver

--On Sunday February 16, The Roots along with Cody ChestnuTT and Skillz came into Denver, Colorado in support of their various projects. The Beatnuts were initially slated to perform also, but due to certain circumstances were not able to make into town. Cody ChestnuTT set off the show with his Jimi Hendrix/Lenny Kravitz style of sound while at the same time "praising the Lord" and encouraging fans to pray for President Bush and the impending war in Iraq. Although Cody went off into some Blues riffs and some hip-hop rock/soul for his 30 minute set, he was well-received by the crowd. He performed a couple of songs from his underground album, Headphone Masterpiece as well as some newer stuff. Look for Cody to take the world by storm very soon, the buzz is growing.

--The Roots came on half an hour later and had the crowd mesmerized since the start. Black Thought and the crew approached the stage and began playing 50 Cent's "In Da Club" while Thought ripped the mic, which transitioned into Queen's "We Will Rock You" then into The Roots' "Rock You". This is where the band keeps the crowd with them, by moving in out and out of their songs and replaying some today's hottest beats while spitting their own lyrics. They can take the weakest song off of their album and make into the best song that you have ever heard in your entire life- that's how a dope a Roots show is. They continued by performing joints of the new Phrenology album such as "Thought At Work", "Sacrifice", "Water", and "Break You Off" along with the classics "Proceed" "Next Movement" and "Act Too (Love of My Life)".

--In the middle of the show, The Roots take a 20 minute break and Rawkus emcee, Skillz took the stage and proceeded to rip into cats. He performed his mixtape-famous tracks like "2002 Wrap Up" and "The Sickest" along with old classics like "Nod Factor", "Lick The Balls" and "Ghostwriter", where he finally adds names to the "bleeps". He ended his set with "Crew Deep" and as The Roots crew took the stage back Thought and Skillz went back and forth spitting lyrics of classic hip-hop joints and freestyling the last two bars. The show continued with the performances "Double Trouble", "What You Want", "You Got Me" and "The Seed 2.0" where Cody ChestnuTT took the stage again. Although the performances of their songs were amazing, what stands out most about the shows is each band member's solo. Hub (bass), ?uestlove (drums), Kamal (keyboards), Scratch (beat box), Knuckles (percussion) and the very welcomed addition of Ben Kenney (guitar) all performed spectacular solos but as always Scratch outshines his band mates with his renditions of classic hip-hop songs and sounds of turntablism all by the use of his mouth.

--If the Phrenology Tour is heading to you town, pick up tickets now, because it will sell out and you won't see The Roots like this in a long time (because they only headline tours every few years). Now, only if the next live album can sound like this.

Monday, February 17, 2003

Mobb Deep Sign to Jive Records for 10 Million

--It's official - Mobb Deep signs to Jive Records with a 50/50 deal meaning whatever the record company makes, the mobb gets half!! and they got $10 million for signing with Jive. The Mobb is getting a good start to 2003. The new album should be out by the summer. March 2003 "xxl" magazine names mobb deep's new album as the 10th most anticipated album right now.

50 Cent Negotiates G Unit Deal

--50 Cent became the highest debuting new artist of all time, moving 872,142 units last week of his album Get Rich Or Die Tryin.' After solidifying himself on New York's mixtape scene, he recently paid homage to the circuit that made him. "Mixtapes helped me. I think anybody who has been following 50 Cent…understands that there's a certain quality of music that I'm gonna come with everytime. I was just freestyling, exercising…. but my album is the material that was the good stuff."
50, who also bought his Guerilla Unit clique consisting of his boys Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, and Young Buck along for the ride, is also aspiring to be CEO of his new empire as well. "G Unit is a group at the moment but after my first week of record sales, it's gonna turn into a joint venture."

--50 and his partner Sha Money XL are currently in heavy negotiations with several majors including Interscope to find a home for their label.

Living Legend on Def Jux

--Much like their east coast counterparts in the Wu, the Living Legends are as well known for their solo projects as they are their collective albums. In fact, there is no crew to my knowledge that has more material than the Legends, with each of the 9 members with at least 5 solo albums under their belt. This will be the sixth solo album for MURS.

--For years MURS has been labeled as the member with the most potential, when he signed with indy powerhouse Def Jux it was clear that would be realized. “The End of the Beginning” features outstanding production from Rjd2, El-P, Ant (of Atmosphere), Blockhead, Shock G (Digital Underground!), Oh No and Sunspot Jonz. Guest spots are made by Shock G and Humpty Hump, Aesop Rock, El-P and 3 Melancholy Gypsies. Be on the look out for the album on February 25th.

01. You and I
02. Dibbs Did This Shit (Interlude)
03. I Know
04. The Scuffle
05. Last Night
06. Transitions of a Rider
07. Happy Pills feat. Aesop Rock
08. Risky Business feat. Shock G. and Humpty Hump
09. The Dance feat. El-P
10. Gods Work
11. Def Cover
12. Please Leave
13. Sore Losers
14. B.T.S.
15. 18 w/a Bullet Remix
16. Brotherly Love
17. Got Damned?
18. Done Deal feat. 3MG

New Lil' Kim/50 Cent collabo

--It's been almost 6 years since Biggie's death, yet for Kim, he's as relevant as Fendi and Bvlgari. Just check her lyrics, album titles (Notorious K.I.M.) and nicknames (Mrs. Frank White). Her intro includes an interview of BIG speaking about his female protégé, plus he's billed as one of the executive producers of the album. Kim's story is the stuff of legends. People often compare her to fierce history-making females ("the Mae West of rap") and sexy cartoon characters ("thugged-out Betty Boop delivery"). And she plays her part by shouting out thug misses like Victoria Gotti.

--It's Thursday, February 13 at SIR Studios in midtown Manhattan. Atlantic Records is previewing Queen Bee's La Bella Mafia. You've probably heard the Timbaland-produced single "The Jump Off" featuring Mr. Cheeks. And the Styles P collabo "Get In Touch With Us" also sounds familiar. But the rest is as fresh as Kim's protégé Lil' Shanice's face. (Shanice is featured on "Shake Ya Bum Bum.") She's got hot duets—50 Cent, Missy Elliott—hot production from Havoc, Swizz Beatz, Kanye West and Scott Storch and hot lyrics. Especially when it comes to boasting about her full-bodied skills. "It's enough I have to put up with this Doo Doo Brown chick," Kim raps, going at her rival Foxy. On one of skits, a man calls into her radio show to offer her lyrics he wrote for her, and after screaming on him that she writes her own lyrics, she replies, "Send them to Fox

Biggie & Tupac DVD Now Available

--You would think that after all the documentaries, movies and specials done on Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. that there wouldn't be much else to say about them. The Nick Broomfield documentary Biggie & Tupac digs deeper than any other film about the murders of two of hip-hop's most prolific stars. Screened at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival, Biggie & Tupac was critically acclaimed by critics worldwide. The film features never before seen footage of Pac and Biggie plus interviews with Big's mom, Voletta Wallace, Lil Cease, former LAPD officer Russell Poole and a jailhouse interview with Suge Knight.

--The documentary begins with a history of both emcees as Nick Broomfield travels to both Brooklyn and Baltimore to find old friends of Pac and Big. Broomfield finds himself getting ignored and other folks trying to sell him "unreleased Pac material". Later, Broomfield's ignorance to hip-hop and the life of Big and Pac (he calls Tupac "Tu-Pack") works to his advantage as he moves in and out buildings trying his hardest to find the truth about the murders. His interviews with a former LAPD officer reveals that there may have been a hit taken out on Biggie, while in another jailhouse interview, a man who calls himself "the bookkeeper" admits to moving money from Arizona to Los Angeles to assist in carrying out the hit on Big. He says that he was moving the money for former LAPD officer David Mack and Rafael Perez who worked closely with Suge Knight and Death Row Records.

--The one thing that makes Biggie & Tupac so good, is the investigative reporter style the film brings. Broomfield is persistent in trying to get the facts and doesn't care what anyone thinks of it. He has that "crazy white boy" mentality that will run towards the fight in the middle of the street to find out what's going on instead of running away from it for safety. One example of it is when he is looking for Suge Knight inside Mule Creek State Prison. He's walking around the yard with a camera and microphone and when he finally sees Suge inside his cell block, he literally chases after him trying to introduce himself. The guy has guts! More than anything, the film raises more questions on the investigations of both murders.

--Although Death Row, and Tupac's estate refused to allow licensing of any of their music, fans will be able to hear plenty of Big's music, plus some Gangstarr in the background. The bonus features include extra snippets of interviews and different types of background information on the people interviewed. Cop your copy today.

Prime parts with the Molemen - works with Dug Infitite for new LP

--A while ago I told you that Prime (the one from Chicago, not the one from Texas who recently did the "While I'm dancin" 12-inch with Common) was workin' on a full length album titled "Pocket full of change". Currently the man has recorded about ten tracks, with production coming from Dug Infinite, Mixx Massacre, Madd Crates, Manos and some other cats. He's no longer with the Molemen, because as he said "it didn't work out". No grudges though as he wishes them nothing but the best. Apart from the tracks for his album Prime has also worked with the Family Tree on three tracks that will appear on their album "Treehouse rock".

Tame One releasing solo debut in March

--While former Artifacts partner El Da Sensei released one of 2002's most underrated albums, 'notty headed' Tame One has been preparin' the release of his debut album "When rappers attack", which is currently scheduled for a March 25th release on Eastern Conference Records. The production on this album will be handled by J-Zone, Mighty Mi, RJD2, Camu Tao, DJ Porno and Johnny Dangerously. With the exception of some guest vocals from label mate Cage on "Leak smoke", all lyrics on the album will come strictly from Tame One himself. Check out the tracklisting below for all the details...

[01] When rappers attack - produced by Camu Tao
[02] Heat - produced by J-Zone
[03] Act right - produced by Camu Tao
[04] Tame as it ever was - produced by J-Zone
[05] Slick talkin' - produced by J-Zone
[06] Up to no good again - produced by RJD2 [07] Leak smoke (featuring Cage) - produced by Mighty Mi
[08] Dreamz - produced by Mighty Mi
[09] Concerto -produced by Johnny Dangerously
[10] Moment I feared - produced by Mighty Mi
[11] Iz it me - produced by Johnny Dangerously
[12] Homage to the bomberz - produced by DJ Porno

Uncle Howie signs two new artists

Former Arsonists member Q-Unique recently signed a deal with Uncle Howie Records, home of Non-Phixion. He just begun workin' on his debut (solo) album which should be expected somewhere late 2003. No word on the producers he'll be workin' with, but I'm sure more details will be revealed shortly. Uncle Howie also signed an up-and-coming cat who goes by the name of Steven King (which really is a dope name for an emcee). Even though I never heard of this cat before, the freestyle he does over Non-Phixion's "Cult leader" instrumental's nice.

Beatnuts assist Willie Stubz on debut LP

--You might know Willie Stubz from his appearances on the Beatnuts LP's "A musical massacre" and "Take it or squeeze it" or from one of the singles he dropped over the years, but if you're not familiar with this emcee from Corona, Queens yet he will (further) introduce himself on his upcoming debut album "The industry", which is currently scheduled for a release on February 22nd through SPKilla Muzik, Inc. Production on the album comes from Roomlab Beats (S.P.K., Kevin Kyze & Ric Rude) and The Beatnuts (on two tracks). Check out the tracklisting below for more details:

[01] Intro
[02] Come wit me
[03] Welcome 2 da ghetto (featuring Final Chapter)
[04] QU-EE-NS (featuring Capone & Nature)
[05] Keep it poppin'
[06] In these streets (featuring Marly Gats & Johnny Blanco)
[07] Anything
[08] I remember them days (featuring Complexions)
[09] Get it 2 U
[10] The industry (featuring N.O.R.E. & Musaliny)
[11] Stubz has returned again
[12] Verbal attack *
[13] After the show (featuring Greg Nice)
[14] Getchu hye *
[15] Make it happen (featuring Al Ferguson & Kruk)
[16] My destiny
[17] Blaze dat
[18] Can't fade us (featuring Al Ferguson & K-Rime)
[19] Keep it gangsta (featuring Gold, Troy Outlaw & Musaliny-N-Maze)
[20] Outro

* produced by The Beatnuts

Baby Blak officially signs with BBE Records

--A couple of weeks ago I already told you that Philly's Baby Blak has a full length album coming up on UK's BBE Records, but now the word has been put out by the label and Blak's officially part of the BBE roster. Within a couple of months the label will release Blak's debut album "Once U Go Blak" and as said before this will contain guest appearances and / or production work from Last Emperor, Dilated Peoples, Planet Asia, Obie Trice, Jazzy Jeff, Pauly Yamz, DJ Revolution, Sat One, DJ Kwestion, Wiz Ass, Mr. Lish, DJ Spinbad, Crushall and others. The first single, "No coast all stars" (featuring Planet Asia, Obie Trice and DJ Revolution) b/w "Economix" (featuring Jazzy Jeff), will be released soon.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Puffy Signs For New Season For 'Making The Band II'

MTV has picked up 'Making the Band II' for a second season of 10 new episodes, premiering spring 2003. The show will begin production this month, following the adventures of the six band members as they begin working with Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs to record their first album. "MTV and I put the 'reality' back into 'reality TV," said Puffy. "We were able to inform and educate the world that hip-hop and rap music is a billion-dollar business."

Raekwon Finalizing Deal, 3rd Solo LP

--Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon has inked a multi album deal with IceWater, becoming Chief Creative Officer of the newly formed multimedia company. The company executives include members of Raekwon’s camp, along with top executives from Los Angeles based labels Vocab Records and Goodvibe Recordings.

--IceWater’s first order of business is to drop Raekwon’s hotly anticipated third solo LP. IceWater is finalizing a major label deal with Universal Records.

--According to Vocab and IceWater joint founder Eric “Big E” Hochstein, Raekwon’s next effort will be a banger.

--“This record will be on some classic Cuban Linx shit and will put Rae back where he always deserved to be in hip-hop,” Big E told AllHipHop.com. “We are planning to make this record a modern day classic which will have features from all of his brothers from the Clan, along with many more special surprise guests.”

--Big E also said IceWater plans to release additional projects which Raekwon likely will executive produce. Selected tracks have already been completed for Raekwon’s IceWater debut, which should hit stores in the second quarter of this year.

--One of those joints is “Smith Bros,” currently garnering spins on Hot 97 and other prominent radio outlets. While many listeners of this popular, promo only cut contend its title to be “Won’t Stop,” Big E confirms it’s “Smith Bros,” named after the song’s production team. Big E expects the record to be commercially available on vinyl soon.

--In other Raekwon news, the Chef will be featured on Vocab Records’ debut full length, a producer LP from Philly’s Chops of Mountain Brothers fame.

--Other guests on that effort include Bahamadia, Planet Asia, Talib Kweli, Grand Agent and Ras Kass. That album should hit store shelves in late April.

Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy V-Day to all!!!
Benzino Shoots New Video with Lisa Raye

--Benzino filmed the video to his latest single, "Would You" from his sophomore album Redemption, in Los Angeles yesterday. Collaborating with actress Lisa Raye who flexed her mic skills on the Bonnie & Clyde inspired track, Benzino told The Source.com, "You gotta be conscious of the females and…it's a testimonial of what I've went through with relationships…I wrote down what was on my mind… I had to walk that fine line of making a joint and still hold my credibility in the streets."

--Following in her baby sister Da Brat's footsteps, Lisa also showed she could
hold her own on the Mario Winans laced track. "I knew I wanted to write some of the rap and kind of make it me and say how I felt and put it down…Benzino made me real comfortable and we already family so it was real cool". "Would You" was directed by Chris Robinson.

Fabolous Embarks On Free Tour

--Rapper Fabolous will embark on a 13 city tour, giving free performances at Boys & Girls Clubs, seeking to inspire young children to pursue their dreams.

--“There’s millions of kids that want to do what I do,” Fabolous told AllHipHop.com in a statement. “[Rapping] became a profession. That’s why I feel it’s a street dream. I want to do my part to inspire the next generation of kids coming up to find a dream of their own and make it happen.”

--Fab us currently preparing to release his sophomore set, Street Dreams, which will be in stores March 4. The album features Lil Mo, P. Diddy, Jagged Edge, Ashanti, Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliott, Jadakiss and more.

--The rapper also recently shot a Sean John print and outdoor advertising campaign; and a TV commercial for Nextel’s “Boost Mobile” service.

--Here are the markets and dates for the Boys & Girls Club tour:

2/24 Cleveland, OH
2/25 Detroit, MI
2/26 Chicago, IL
3/1 Oakland, CA
3/2 Hollywood, CA
3/5 Brooklyn, NY
3/6 Boston, MA
3/7 Philadelphia, PA
3/8 Annapolis, MD & Washington, DC
3/12 Dallas, TX
3/13 Houston, TX


DMX To Star In Movie 'Never

--DMX will star opposite David Arquette in "Never," a movie based on the 1974 book "Never Die Alone," by author Donald Goines.

--The crime drama centers a gangster, who in the original rendition was known as King David, a cocaine dealer. The book focused on King David's exploits in the underworld.

--King David is murdered, but leaves a diary to a writer named Paul Pawlowski, who is seeking to solve David's murder. The original telling is based on a true story.

--The movie, which will be told in a series of flashbacks, is being produced by DMX's Bloodline Films. Ernest Dickerson, known for his ground breaking cinematography with Spike Lee, will direct the movie.

--Dickerson also directed 1992's "Juice," which starred Tupac Shakur and 2001's "Bones," which starred Snoop Dogg.

--Shooting for "Never" will start next week in Los Angeles.

MC Hammer Gets TV Show

--MC Hammer may be on the verge of another comeback after publicly playing out his personal trials and tribulations.

--After starring in “The Surreal Life,” alongside of Emmanuel “Webster” Lewis, the pop rappers has now signed on for a WB sitcom.

--The WB has signed Hammer to star in the series, which will be based on his life. No more details have been issued, but insiders state that the rapper was well received by test audiences that watched “The Surreal Life.”

Rapper Cam'ron Says N.B.A. Snubbed Him

--Cam'ron has accused the NBA of stopping him from performing with Mariah Carey during the NBA All-Star game tribute to Michael Jordan on Feb. 9.

Cam said the league agreed he'd rap during the set but reneged claiming they were "staying away from rap."

Cam said that Carey had fought to get the rapper a spot during the tribute, but the NBA reneged, blaming a lawsuit against Cam's former label, Untertainment.

Cam said that the league's commissioner, David Stern, never intended to let him perform.

"They told her yes until the last two days," Cam'ron told AllHipHop.com. "Then they brought up when Untertainment [used] the [NBA logo] for S.D.E. album. They said they sued Cam'ron when I had the gun in the NBA logo. It was really Untertainment and they were like, 'we don't care, its Cam'ron.'"

During the 1999 promotion of his S.D.E. album, Untertainment/Epic released an advertisement, which was a play on the NBA's trademarked logo by adding a gun to the silhouetted hand of Jerry West player. Eventually, the NBA filed a civil suit, forcing Cam and Untertainment to yank the ads.

The NBA, which relies heavily on hip-hop in various marketing campaigns and commercials told Cam and crew that they were actually trying to stay away from rap.

"The NBA said that they don't do any rap so they didn't let me perform," Cam continued. "I mean they act like they are such an elite group of people- no disrespect because I have friends in the NBA. Its like realistically, they got people that beat they wives up, get caught with guns, smoking weed - all types of stuff - and then they say they [don't use] rap."

Jimmy Jones, co-CEO of Diplomat Records said he was angry as well. "David Stern, you get the third finger from the left or the right," Jones said. "We're starting the 'F**k David Stern Campaign.'"

"The only reason they said 'Yeah' is because Mariah Carey insisted. They were trying to tell her, 'No, we don't do rap. We are staying away from rap.' To deprive me of the tribute to Michael Jordan, such a prestigious event at the All-star game, I felt like it was a miscarriage of justice," Cam concluded.

The NBA was not available for comments at press time

Tribeca Featured In Slam

--In the upcoming April issue of Slam magazine (Allen Iverson on the cover), there will be a feature on Tribeca. For those unaware, Tribeca is the “franchise player” of up and coming indy label Major League Entertainment. He has appeared on several compilations but his debut album has yet to come.

--The song that has garnered some attention from Slam is “Cold World.” The single chronicles the life of a young man trying to make it to the NBA, including the obstacles -and pitfalls along the way.

--In the article Slam states, "There has never been an Anthem that captured the struggle inherent in chasing the NBA dream" "TRIBECA gets to the heart of the the dream so accurately, you would swear he is a Mcdonald's All American.”

NY's Power 105 Sponsors New Magazine

--As artists seem to continually expand their empires outside of the Hip Hop Game and into urban culture (Puffy - Sean Jean, Jay-Z & Dame Dash - Vodka, Jermaine Dupri - So So Def Sports Management) New York's newest Urban Radio Station, Power 105 DJ's Doctor Dre and Ed Lover, introduces a new product to their new empire: PROMO Magazine. According to them the new magazine "will continuing the path of powerful marketing and promotions."

--Using a FREE magazine, Internet site, and outside perks associated with patronage, the new magazines hopes that you the consumer will become familiar with the business of companies which sponsor Promo Magazine.

--The magazine executives say, “Promo magazine presents an innovative approach to marketing for corporations, small businesses, and interest groups, through the utilization of a FREE magazine.” Their slogan "Promo Magazine - We don't tell stories....we just Promote!!!” Claiming they deliver a one-stop source for direct marketing and promotion.

--For more info Check-out the site: www.promomag.net

Former Artifacts Emcee, Tame One Readies Debut

--While his ex-partner El Da Sensai got down with Seven Heads Entertainment, Tame One connected with Eastern Conference Records and is ready to drop his debut album. Scheduled for a March 25 release, When Rappers Attack features production from DJ Mighty Mi, J-Zone, RjD2, Camu Tao, Johnny Dangerously, and DJ Porno with only one guest appearance from former Eminem nemesis, Cage.

--"I named it When Rappers Attack as a comedy spin off from, When Animals Attack, When Accidents Happen," Tame told SOHH.com. "Whatever made you like me in Artifacts, I have not changed at all. I'm still me. I'm still sarcastic and there's no any unnecessary violence or gun talk. It's just an old-fashioned straight up hip-hop LP. I think fans will be surprised, there's no fluff and it gets right to the point. This is a test to find out whether or not I'm still accepted before I kill everyone with the next LP."

--For more info on Tame, check out his website, www.tame-one.com. Here's the track listing to When Rappers Attack:

1.) When Rappers Attack
2.) Heat
3.) Act Right
4.) Tame As It Ever Was
5.) Slick Talkin'
6.) Up To No Good Again
7.) Leak Smoke feat. Cage
8.) Dreamz
9.) Concerto
10.) Moment I Feared
11.) Iz It Me
12.) Homage to the Bomberz

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Canibus Talks Media, Reviews And Future:

--While Canibus has received acclaim on the internet and praise from die-hard fans, those accolades have not necessarily translated into offline success as well. Nevertheless, the reclusive rappers said that he has all he needs to fuel his steadfast march forward, which started with Mic Club: The Curriculum.

--"Fan support and internet reviews make it all worth while. I feel Mic Club was a testament to hip hop and feedback from the bottom up somewhat reflected that," he said.

--"On an independent level, word of mouth and passionate fans are what it is about, and I am very thankful and appreciative to have experienced that with this LP."

--While his set only garnered 2.5 mics of 5 in The Source, he said that it wasn't a concern of his, acknowledging the lyric-heavy, alternative nature of his music.

--"As for The Source, it is an opinion and probably a fair one in a more commercial element of hip-hop," Canibus continued. " The Curriculum does not fall into that category in my eyes. We are all content with overall feedback," he said.

--"As for the rating, it would be an issue if that's how each person who copped [the album] felt, b ut it seems that the rating was more about Canibus than Mic Club. Mic Club speaks for itself."

--Not resting, Canibus said that he has already prepared for the summer with more of his brand of heat and it will offer much of what listeners have grown accustomed to.

--"The next official worldwide release will be Rip The Jacker Meets The Enemy of Mankind dropping summer 2003 on Babygrande distributed through Koch, he said.

--"It's an album lyrically potent and is produced by Stoupe of Jedi Mind Tricks. The single should drop Spring '03 and additional information will be available at Babygrande.com, Micclub.net and MP3.com/Canibus "

Slum Village, Pharoahe Monch On The Road

--After a decent response to their latest album, Trinity: Past, Present & Future, Slum Village are preparing to hit the road this spring. Pharoahe Monch, Phat Kat, Dwele, and the ESS Band will all be riding with them as part of the Family Tree Tour. Although venues have yet to be announced, they have released the dates and cities. Here's the current itinerary:

March 20 - Kalamazoo, MI
March 21 - Indianapolis, IN
March 22 - Columbus, OH
March 23 - Cleveland, OH
March 25 - Pittsburgh, PA
March 27 - Rochester, NY
March 28 - Albany, NY
March 29 - North Hampton, MA
March 30 - Burlington, VT
April 1 - Boston, MA
April 2 - New Haven, CT
April 3 - New York, NY
April 4 - Philadelphia, PA
April 5 - Washington, DC
April 6 - Norfolk, VA
April 9 - Chattanooga, TN
April 10 - Asheville, NC
April 11 - Columbia, SC
April 12 - Savannah, GA
April 13 - Tallahassee, FL
April 15 - Houston, TX
April 16 - Austin, TX
April 17 - Lawrence, KS
April 18 - Boulder, CO
April 19 - Albuquerque, NM
April 20 - Phoenix, AZ
April 22 - San Diego, CA
April 23 - Los Angeles, CA
April 24 - Santa Cruz, CA
April 25 - San Francisco, CA
April 26 - Eureka, CA
April 28 - Portland, OR
April 29 - Seattle, WA
May 2 - Boise, ID
May 3 - Salt Lake City, UT
May 6 - Minneapolis, MN
May 7 - Milwaukee, WI
May 8 - Chicago, IL
May 9 - Detroit, MI

VH1 Premieres Jay-Z and Lil Kim 'Driven'

--Looks like VH1 is trying hard to attract that hip-hop audience. As previously reported, VH1 will be adding more hip-hop flavored shows this and as part of Black History month, VH1 premieres two new episodes of their popular show Driven. On Sunday (2/9), the channel premiered the Jay-Z episode which follows the life of Jay-Z on his road to fame, from growing up in Brooklyn's Marcy Projects to his hustling days and his early days in hip-hop with Jaz and Original Flavor. For those that missed the episode, it will air again on February 12, 13, 18, 20 and 28, check your local listings.

--On Sunday, February 16, VH1 will premiere the Lil Kim episode of Driven. The episode details the early life of Kim coming out of the projects in Brooklyn and hooking up with Junior Mafia and Notorious B.I.G.. The episode includes interview with those involved in her career and life such as her mother, and brother, Jermaine Dupri and Biggie's mother, Voletta Wallace. The show even highlights details on when Kim was pregnant Biggie's baby. Check local listings for when the show will air this Sunday.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Two Autobiographies For Eminem

--Eminem's popularity continues to soar. Everything he touches turns to gold. The latest thing involving him are two competing tell all-unauthorized biographies that are now on the market.

--One is titled Cleaning Out My Closet by J. R Watkins. Wtakins claimes to be a friend of Eminem and his wife Kimberly. The book, which claims to be "the true story of Marshall Bruce Mathers III as a father, husband and friend," includes all the sensational tabloid fodder you'd expect from a tell-all, including stories about Em's rumored romances with Mariah Carey and "8-Mile" co-star Brittany Murphy.

--The second biography is called 'Whatever You Say I Am' by Anthony Bozza and is scheduled to come out this fall. Bozza has chronicled Eminem for Rollingstone and surprisingly has managed to get Em's cooperation on this venture. The book will include interviews from Em and people from his inner circle including Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and D12.

--Speaking of D-12. They have released a song that has some choice words for Em's former partner in rhyme Royce 5'9. They use the same beat from 50 Cent's 'Backdown.

Chino XL to Premier Movie

--Chino XL has been making moves as of late. He had a film that premiered at the Sundance film festival called 'The Beat' It is now set to premiere in LA at the Harmony Gold Theater [7655 Sunset Blvd] in West Hollywood, this Thursday. Chino also appears in feature films "Loosely Based On A True Love Story" and "Playa's Ball". For more information contact Stacey Castro scastromgt@msn.com.

Cam'ron Discusses Using Mixtapes As Promotion

--Posted Feb. 11, 2003-- Harlem's Cam'ron recently stated that he and his Diplomat Crew, comprised of Juelz Santana, Jimmy Jones and others, revolutionized the art of the mixtape as promotion, even though 50 Cent is often credited with starting the practice. They said they used the same technique nearly two years ago to broker deals with Roc-A-Fella. Advertisement

--Cam'ron said he wasn't able to secure a recording deal for his group nor his imprint, Diplomat Records. However he said the situation changed dramatically after the collective released Diplomats Vol. 1.

--"It's been going on about 18 months. What happened was when I signed to Roc-A-Fella, I wanted to let everybody know [about the deal], so I did a tape and at the same time everybody was fronting on my man Juelz, nobody wanted to give him a deal or the Diplomats a deal," he said to BET.com.

--However, the rappers said they joined forces and collected their resources to promote the group.

--"So we made a tape, because we always had music. We said we got 50 songs on ours, we could put an album out on the streets, for free. We started selling them for $5 just to get our money back for what we put into it," Cam said.

--Diplomat Records co-CEO Jimmy Jones concurred, stating others have followed suit, even though when they started it was an odd sight.

--"No disrespect to 50 and people like that, because they are doing their thing, but we started the epidemic," the rapper said. "It takes nothing away from the DJ's, because they been doing they thing. We just put out a lot of low-priced original music."

--People thought it was crazy for an artist to do a mixtape - like Cam doing a mix tape? He's a rapper,'" Cam said. "So I did it, then after I did it, other artists started doing it too."

--Other rappers like 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes and Skillz have released whole mixtapes as an act of self-promotion.

--Now the group has a real album, Diplomatic Immunity, slated to drop next month on Roc-A-Fella Records.

It's Official: 50 Cent Is #1

--50 Cent's Shady/Aftermath Records debut album, Get Rich or Die Trying will be the #1 album in the country at week's end. Released last Thursday, February 6, the album has already moved 872,082 copies in four days according to official Soundscan results released late last night.

--50's Get Rich... is the first big release of any music genre in 2003 and is expected to exceed the one million mark by the end of the week. The pre-buzz on the album was so hot that the label was forced to release it prematurely to combat an internet downloading frenzy that began two weeks before its originally scheduled February 11th release date. And last week, 50s "In Da Club" video hung in the number 1 spot on the three top music video shows, 106 & Park, Direct Effect and TRL.

--Last night when Hot97 radio DJ Funkmaster Flex asked 50 whether he expected the album to be such a hit, 50 laughed and replied, "I'm shocked. Y'all can't even see how happy I am right now. My gums are showing I'm so happy."

--It appears Aftermath / Shady / Interscope has the magic touch. The success of Get Rich or Die Trying is reminiscent of last year's release of The Eminem Show which sold over 300,000 copies in just two days and placed Eminem in the #1 spot on the Billboard charts.

Hip Hop The Movie!

--P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg, DMX, Ice Cube and the Cash Money Millionaires are among the rappers who appear in "Hip-Hop Story: Tha Movie," the first production from NBA star Nick Van Exel's RapRock Films, due February 11. Smoot, the film's star and Van Exel's partner in the company, will release his debut on July 8 and will also appear on the movie's soundtrack, due April 22

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Uncle Howie Records Signs Q-Unique and Steven King!

--2003 is starting out ILL. We are psyched to announce 2 new additions to the Uncle Howie Records fam. Firstly, Q-Unique (of the muthafuckin Arsonists) is now officially running with Uncle Howie and has begun work on his debut solo album to be released late 2003. Also, look out for his plushly packaged "While You Wait" mix CD hitting the streets real soon. Secondly, we wanna welcome Steven King into the warzone. Ya'll are gonna lose your minds when you hear what he's been working on. We are gonna choose 2 joints and drop a 12" right quick just to let ya'll know what time it is. Also, look for a 12" from Cyn Roc plus some other surprises we're working on. We are in talks with several other goons you may have heard of as well. Shit is about to be on.

Dr. Dre Planning Collaboration With Burt Bacharach

--Songwriting legend Burt Bacharach and Dr. Dre, arguable hip-hop's most prolific producer, are working together on an upcoming project which will reportedly feature a variety of music styles.

--"Dr. Dre gave me these drum beats and told me to do what I like," Bacharach told told U.K.'s Sun newspaper. "These won't be like usual songs. These are like compositions, which is very interesting to me." he told The Sun.

--Burt Bacharach has written songs for everyone from Nat King Cole and Johnny Mathis to Neil Diamond and Dionne Warwick and has penned some of the most memorable pop songs in history, including "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head," "Walk On By," "A House Is Not A Home," and many others.



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